Food & Beverage Marketing Assessment

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How to Use This Tool

  • If your Local Wellness Policy exceeds the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards, compare your marketing against those standards.
  • You do not have to replace durable items or equipment (i.e. scoreboards, beverage coolers, buses, etc.) already in place immediately. However, you must consider the marketing policies when you replace or update those items over time.
  • Share the results of this assessment with your wellness council. Develop a replacement plan for non-compliant materials together – prioritize where to start, replacements, any funding or resources needed, etc. Use the Non-Compliant Marketing Replacement Plan to guide you.
  • Remember to use this opportunity not only to remove non-compliant marketing, but also to incorporate healthy messages that meet the nutrition promotion goals in your wellness policy! Here are two resources to get you started:
  • Use the Smart Snacks Calculator to determine if products meet Smart Snacks. And be sure to explore the Smart Food Planner!
  • Still unsure about marketing policies? Check out this Q&A from the USDA.